Consider DWL as an extension of your medical admin team.

Our 13 years of experience in the industry means we understand your staffing and rostering needs. All our staff are also from within the industry - with clinical and management experience.

The only difference is that we only get paid - when the work is done!

  • Benefits

    Dr Who Locums (DWL) has been in this game now for 13 years and we are still learning!

    Our IT system can match doctors to your needs - by grade, department, availability, and even skills.

    It also lets us control documents with no effort. Job descriptions and hospital information just 'goes' with every booking request. Orientation packs, timesheet's and memos just 'goes' with every booking confirmation.

    You can even call us anytime out of business hours and we will actually be available! If you get a message bank, don't worry, somebody will be calling you shortly.

    Furthermore, we are always on the lookout for good candidates for you.

  • How We Work

    Contact us anytime with your staffing needs.

    We will advertise your vacancies for free!

    We will provide you with as much information possible so you can make a good decision of the doctor you are about to hire.

    We always confirm all booking in writing, and

    We will regularly send through 'new' doctors for you to approve. This way, we always grow the pool of doctors for you.

    Contact us today!